it's all about you

You are important to us!

This website is about you! What do you want from life?  What is the most effective means of assuring that you get what you want?  How will it make you feel, to get what you want, not just later, but now and every step along the way?

I have seen, and had websites that speak to all the wonderful things advisors can do.  I have seen, and had websites with thousands of articles and papers addressing thousands of financial topics, most of which do not apply to you today.  Is it not more effective to receive the specific information you need when you need it rather than have to search through thousands of pages on thousands of websites through tons of information you don’t need today?

Now, back to you.  You are an individual.  You are unlike all other people who are your age, economic level, marital status, etc.  You are unique.  Admittedly, you have similarities to others, but you are not the same.  You want different things and have different priorities. Thus, what you want from life is a little different for you than for others like you.

Change is the only constant. It happens no matter what we do. Sometimes change is product of where we are in our lives.  These occurrences happen at various times for each of us.  As an example, when I turned 40 my eyesight deteriorated to the point I needed reading glasses.  You may be 65 and have no need for glasses.  We all have our own unique timing of the “expected” life events.

Other events in our lives like storms damaging our homes, major appliance breakdowns, and auto accidents happen often without warning and when they are least expected and most inconvenient.  Can any of these life events affect your ability to get what you want?

If you are like most people, you have an idea of how you would like your life to unfold, to include retirement, at least in your head!  Let’s call this “your plan”.  Have you ever thought to write your plandown and test it to see if it will be successful?

Most people haven’t done that.  The main reason they have stated is that they don’t know where to begin. I can help with that.  The other reason, one I never hear, may be that they are afraid to see the result. I can nothelp with that.  Those folks tend to defer getting help.  Maybe they’ll “call me in a few months”.  How do you think that will work for them?

This site should not be explored or searched.  It must be experienced!  Put yourself into the roles of the characters in the stories.  See if you can imagine the depth of the experience of the people in the stories. 

As you experience this website, if you have any questions, comments, desire to have a short conversation, or want help call me or leave a comment/request in the comment box along with your email address. There is no charge for a conversation.