Making The Transition


The majority of new clients coming to me have on thing in common, they are planning to retire sooner rather than later. As such, they have some very specific questions. They want to know how much money they will need to successfully retire. They want to know if they will have enough money to remain retired for the rest of their lives. They want to know what the best Social Security claiming strategy might be best for them. They are interested in how to handle their 401(k), their IRA and what to spend down first. Because of the uncertainties, what was the obvious has now become ambiguous.

Many also have some psychological issues to deal with. They have been working for the last forty years and are not completely comfortable at the thought of not having a job. They feel they are giving up their personal value. They are also concerned about the economy and the stock market, knowing they won’t have a job to make up for any market losses. They generally range from age 55 to 70, though there are no “hard” boundaries on when they start to become concerned.

People in this transition period are generally looking for an advisor who has helped others find retirement success by creating effective strategies and tactics and lead them comfortably through the emotional and behavioral changes they face.

I have worked with some folks who seemed very confident about retiring, only to find they can reach a point of despair. It is a very private time that can be fraught with deep emotions. I’ve had the pleasure when some of these same people later called me to say thanks and tell me how much they enjoyed their trip to Hawaii.

I love it when a plan comes together and I love it when the people I work with get what they want from life.

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